About BosonVault

We, at BosonVault, want to make children fall in love with learning. We believe that education is not bound to be inside the four walls of a classroom. We want to supplement your efforts to kindle the creative juices lying dormant in your children’s minds. We have a range of educational wooden DIY products that combine education with fun, faculties and curiosity – the urge to find out how things work and to create something that your children have learned about.

These DIY Products will help your children to understand the concepts as they themselves will learn to practically apply theories. Children can assemble them on their own. After all, doing is believing is as much an adage as seeing is believing.

We make products that are safe for students and our Earth, built to highest international safety standards. We want you, us and your children to care for the environment while they become the guardians of the future.

We love wood, because wood is a natural product and always bears unique traces, which then flow into the respective products and make them unmistakable. Our products are always unique with individual traces from nature. Different structures in the wood grain and color deviations are evidence of a natural product and thus a quality feature and not a defect Each piece of wood has its own look, character and vitality. Its natural properties, characteristics and unique traces must therefore always be observed. For example, dark spots on the rainbow are what are known as mineral deposits. This means that if the tree had continued to grow, a branch would have developed at that point.

Our Vision

Our vision is to feel the joy and pride of parents when our toys kindle the dormant creativity residing in the fertile human minds of their wonderful children

Our Mission

Our products make learning easier for children. After 2020, the world is seeing a rise in the different modes of learning.

We, at BosonVault, know that EdTech is not just limited to schools or the Internet but beyond—It’s about making education accessible to students despite their social or economic classes.

But What’s The Difference?

If you ask why BosonVault makes such DIY and sustainable products, we say that self-learning is the best skill. So, to nurture it in children’s minds at a very young age, we want them to learn by themselves.

  • Fun Lessons
  • DIY Projects
  • Education For All

Our Mantra at BosonVault