BosonVault 3D STEM DIY Educational Building Construction Activity Toy Game Kit STEM Wooden Microscope


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Introduce your child to a world invisible to the naked eye with Boson Vault DIY 3D Wooden Microscope Puzzle Kit, This fully functional 400X microscope, can help your child to see, examine and understand microorganisms and particles. It has both LED light source and sunlight for enhanced viewing of small details. It’s compatible with the Microscopic slides used in school laboratories, Lab experiments can be done at home.

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ABOUT BosonVault DIY 3D Microscope is a range of new age S.T.E.M products that teach children essential construction, analytical and problem-solving skills as they create their own, functioning meaningful machines!
WEIGHT 700 g / 24.7 Ounces
DIMENSIONS  19 x 15 x  4 CM (box package size)
AGE 8-99 Years
WHAT’S INSIDE! Real Wooden Building Sheets, Step-by-step Instructional Video, Build Manual, Learn & Explore Manual and Parts to Build the Product (Stickers, Foam and Colourful Bands etc.)
SAFETY All components of the machine are made from Sustainable Real Wood and do not include any adhesives! The product conforms to U.S. Safety Standards of ASTM F963-17.

Additional Information

1. Good for Earth:  This DIY Microscope is made of wood and carries no paint, no splinters on them. Safe for you and safe for Earth. Yes, in short, it’s an Eco-friendly sustainable product.

2. For STEM students: A perfect microscope for STEM-based learners. It’s an all-rounder like you. STEM learning or Edtech is not limited to schools but students can learn anything from anywhere. 

3. DIY Microscope Assembly: It takes you less than 3 hours to put together this amazing Microscope and keep it on your study desk. You’ll have fun fixing it! And its splinter free!!

4. Use Any Samples: You can analyse/test/magnify any sample you want. It can be anything from a drop of dirty water from the plant vase to the stems of a plant, insects. You can see any micro-organisms—hidden beauties of nature (as we call it) with this microscope. 

5. Easy on the eyes: It comes with an LED light source and Sunlight reflective sticker for strainless sessions at your home lab. 

6. Highly-Magnifiable lenses: You can zoom to the nanoparticles/microorganisms through this microscope. It has ranges of 100X, 200X, 400X.

7. High-Clarity Lenses: This DIY Microscope comes with optical glass lenses for high-resolution clarity. 

8. Made in India, By Indians: A bunch of enthusiastic people discovered this and are manufacturing it at large. Design patented in India. 

9. WhatsApp Technical Support:  We provide WhatsApp technical support for assembling this microscope. Just in case you need a little guidance while putting together, you can reach out to us on WhatsApp @ 7406350007. 

10. Prepared Slides As An Add-on: If you need lab slides according to your curriculum (CBSE, ICSE, Matric or States), we can send across the prepared slides for you at an additional cost. 

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