Often, parents wonder about the practical classes their children attend in schools. They probably have some sketchy information given by their wards. Now, with the BosonVault LAB@Home experiment they can be completely sure of explaining the experiment in their homes. Whatever experiment done in the schools is replicated by BosonVault’s LAB@Home experiment and the parents have the pleasure of jointly conducting the experiment at home along with their children. To ensure there is no ambiguity about the experiment and its explanations BosonVault works with the schools and replicates the experiments as per advice of the concerned schools. All experiments are explained by the teachers from the concerned schools and children can continue at home from where they left off in the school.

The experiments cover the following subjects

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Engineering
  • Robotics

For instance, if a child has been exposed to slides of microorganisms in the school lab the same child can now see similar slides at home using our 3D DIY Microscope. They can learn about microorganism in the comfort of their homes with the active support of their family members.

The toys and puzzles are created by our experts in biodegradable materials such as wood, which is safer than any other material on the market. The experiments come with detailed instructions, including sketches to let parents and children understand the learning concepts quite easily.

Now, isn’t this a good thing for you and your children to dispel any unfounded fears about scientific concepts?

The home and school environment are the places where young minds are shaped during the first decade of their lives. These are not mutually exclusive but mutually exhaustive environments. One cannot do without the other. Young minds learn a lot from schools utilizing the learned skills from the home environment. Similarly, they do employ their home interactions in the school environment. Thus, the time children cross during the first decade of their lives with the impact of these two environments is deep and stable.

This is where BosonVault’s School Connect program reinforces the mutually exhaustive nature of the home and school environments. Some children may not have understood the concepts explained in the school. It is possible that they have understood the theory but not its practical application and others can conduct an experiment without understanding the theory behind the same. Boson Vault’s wooden puzzles and toys do help children bridge this gap. What is more, children can now do the same experiment (what they did at school) at home. While there is a teacher to explain the concepts in school there are family members at home to do the same. These aids drivinge the scientific concepts better into the minds of children.

Concepts are new for children. Neither the school nor the home can foresee the aptitude of children to particular topics. While some children are capable of absorbing scientific or mathematical concepts they could be found wanting on several other concepts such as abstract or artistic themes. Conversely, some children could be extremely artistic but not really good at grasping scientific concepts. Of course, there could be other children who are good in both.
BosonVault’s School Connect program bridges the environments in homes and schools seamlessly. We at BosonVault can discuss with schools to tailor make various experiments customized to the environments prevailing in the schools. What is more, we can even brand the experiments with the brand name of the schools. Parents can choose the experiments they perceive their children to be weak in and use them to clarify.